Monday, February 1, 2010

How the Pulley on the Elevator Works?

Here is a Link becasue my Prezi on the blog is cut of:
Link To Prezi


  1. I think you did a great job of explaining the vocabulary that is used in physics. You might want to proof read super careful for gramatical errors though. I like the videos you post, maybe some more pictures would be good too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Generally your presentation is very good, with prezi, i really enjoyed clicking around the page. However maybe because of some technical settings, the presentation is cut off at some places, showing only 3/4 of the block of words. Concept is correct and well written. However, it is indeed, a bit too wordy. But overall, good job.

  3. You need two things:
    1. Add a title and a description to your Prezi (in the prezi website)
    2. Post a link to the prezi because it does not show well when watched in the browser.
    I agree with the comments about grammar and typos.

  4. Please add a brief introduction in the body of your posting.
    Explain what each symbol stand for (FT= tension) and what is causing these forces.
    Check the spelling on your Prezi. The last paragraph spells acceleration incorrectly.

  5. Good job! You need to check your spelling though and proofread. Also, you might want to explain how there is tension on the sides of the elevator because I was a little confused on that part.

  6. The picture that you added there is a really good idea, loved it. generally the script is still kind of cut off, but i guess it can only be fixed by posting a link. i think when you are talking about the the guide rails and pulley on the picture, it is best to show the picture first THEN try to explain it, because when i saw the text at first, i did not know what to look at. with that improvement, your presentation should be excellent