Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conservations laws

Part A:
Energy is a conserved, substance-like quantity that is able to produce change. I learned the different way energy is stored and how it changes to become something else. We learned about kinetic, potential, and elastic potential energy and how to find them. We also figured out how to find work, which is a measure of the amount of change that a force produces. Also we learned about Power which is the rate which work is done. We learned how to make energy diagrams, with the energy of, kinetic, gravitational, elastic, and the energy to overcome friction. I have a difficult time using the work-energy theorem, just using and understanding it, i know its just the change of energy's but, just is confusing to me. To fix this problem i have to do more problems using this equations. Another thing i have found difficult was finding the elastic potential energy, same thing just need to do more problems involving it. My strength is in the bar graphs, finding kinetic and potential energy.

Part B:
Energy is in our everyday lives, when we drop a pencil or move something around. There is energy while people are walking and running. Every time someone turn a door handle or when someone picks up something. Energy is in our everyday lives in everything we do has some kind of energy to it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How the Pulley on the Elevator Works?

Here is a Link becasue my Prezi on the blog is cut of:
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